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Your Guide To Candle Magic

Updated: Feb 29

candle magic

Have You Ever Wondered About Candle Magic?

Some people refer to it as candle magic while others call it color therapy or spiritual color work. People are comfortable working with candles since many have been exposed to it at a young age. For example the tradition of singing happy birthday, making a wish and blowing out the candles. Does that sound like manifesting to you? Others that were brought up in religion and going to church have lit a candle for a specific intention. In the Catholic church we call lighting a candle with a wish or prayer for a specific outcome a Novena. One of the biggest reasons to work with candle magic or manifestations is simply because it’s so easy to do it.

Specific colors represent different things and can help with the various gifts associated with them, like green for healing or for manifesting more abundance in your life. I think of it also as color therapy when I am working with candles or even eating foods of a specific color, wearing that particular color to manifest. We all have various colors in our auras depending on what is going on in our lives or from our past experiences when the energy has gotten stuck in our auras. Our energy field has colors and colors are a part of us. Some people can see this clairvoyantly, we can all see it when we get an aura photograph of our energy field.

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