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Which Is Better? An Online Reading Or A Physical One?

Updated: Mar 1

Online Reading Or A Physical One

I had to write this article today to help people who are contemplating an online reading or a physical one, I felt it was imperative because every time my business phone rings, around 30% of the time, the person tells me "Oh...I actually wanted an in-person reading".

In the past many of my clients happened to live near me. Even with that population my clientele still often chose to have their readings done online mostly. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to in-person readings, especially with clients that I've known for some time. It’s always pleasant to spend time catching up after the session is completed.

At this time in my life though, I'm travelling the world, so online sessions are the only option that I am offering at this time. I conduct the sessions by phone, or video call. I am currently living my dreams and following my destiny which I wish for all my current and prospective clients.

Please, if you want an in-person reading I respect that and recommend you get one. Do what feels right to you and makes you happy. Follow your discernment when picking the proper person for you and don’t settle. You don’t want just anyone in your energy field, you need to feel that you can trust them. I believe that to be the most important factor when deciding on getting a reading. If you are debating the pros and cons of an online reading vs a physical one, read on and I'll share my thoughts.

Why Do I Prefer As Your Reader To Do It Online?

No, it's not because I'm too lazy to shower, get dressed and clean my office.

If you were visiting a psychologist, it would be very useful for you to turn up to their office because they need to read your body language, eye-movements, hand movements etc. That is no secret, it's all part of what they do.

I want to avoid all these "leakages" because I work with my psychic gifts, I work with energy, angels,ascended masters, guides and your departed loved ones. I like to minimize as much physical stimulus as possible. Otherwise, no matter how hard I try, it's a distraction and has the potential to have an impact upon the reading. Even seeing someone’s pain and sadness moves me and has me wanting to console them instead of delivering the messages. Often during in person sessions I stare off to the side not looking at the client in front of me so I can focus on all the information that is being shared with me. How can I fully listen to two conversations and situations happening simultaneously?

A psychologist will encourage you to "open up" and the more you talk, the better. For me, I want as little as possible. When spirit is communicating it’s best that I focus on the information coming through and deliver the message. I always joke that I am a glorified telephone operator. My job is to deliver the messages and to interfere as least as possible.

If you want an authentic reading, don't give too much away, neither with your words, nor your body language.

I have confidence in what I do and this work is my passion. It's a tremendous responsibility to surrender, be a servant to God/Source energy and help give by giving people the opportunity to change their lives.

I prefer not to have a reading "tainted" by easy to read "giveaways", there is a fine line where some individuals won’t give validation, that can stifle the reading with the lack of confirmation, just a yes or no.. Then there are the oversharers which also can have a negative impact on the session by trying to steer the reading the way that they want it to be instead of what spirit is sharing. With both of these scenarios it’s easier for me to work with these types because not physically having them in front of me I can more easily focus on what I am receiving. I desire to channel the information and share with the client what I received, and that's why I prefer as your Reader to do it online instead of in-person.

But Isn't a Video Call Kind Of The Same As An In-Person Reading?

Almost but not quite. Yes, I can see your shoulders and head but am not able to read your eyes or other physical attributes. It does eliminate a lot though and of course it's a little more cordial than a phone call. I think a phone call is the best chance of authenticity but a video call trumps being in the room with me.

Let's Not Forget The Obvious When It Comes To An Online Reading Or A Physical One...

You save gas, time and don’t have to deal with the heavy traffic. Gas + Time = Money

So, there's that!

Are There Any Advantages To An In-Person Reading?

The advantage to an In-Person reading could be that it gets you out of the house for a bit. Perhaps, you need to physically connect to another human being. Or you’d like to go with a friend or two and then go out to lunch on the way home, whatever your reasons may be.

If you want a physical Psychic or Mediumship reading, you'll not have to look far. Simply Google "Psychic (or Medium) near me".

With all that being said, if you want to proceed to receive a reading please click on the link below to schedule your session with me.

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