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Crystal Series – Part 1 – Citrine

Updated: Mar 1

One of my favorite crystals to work with to create financial abundance is the crystal citrine. It’s easy to find in your local crystal shops or online. It’s important to buy from a reputable dealer when ordering crystals to not buy glass. You want to work with the real deal to get the vibrational frequency of the particular stone you desire to harness the energy. Citrine has a long history of being called the merchant’s stone and believed to bring one good luck and attract prosperity.

What is Citrine For?

Crystals represent the earth’s energy, it’s an embodiment of the earth that we can use to grow material wealth and prosperity. Citrine is a powerful crystal to use as a tool to attract more abundance into your life or to funnel that energy to grow your business. The so-called merchant’s stone is often kept inside the cash registers drawer or in their money bag to attract more money. Simply working with the color gold can bring you more energy, power, channeling the divine wisdom of archangel Uriel, divine healing with the golden elixir. Visualizing bags filled with gold or putting such images on your bagua or vision board helps to manifest wealth.


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