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Archangel Gabriel

Updated: Mar 1

Archangel Gabriel

Who Is Archangel Gabriel?

Archangel Gabriel holds a special place in my heart and my work. The angel plays a huge role in my work and my everyday life. I feel extremely at one with this Archangel’s energy and recognize Gabriel’s gifts and assistance daily. You too can work closely with Gabriel or call him to help you with big or small matters. There is no problem or situation too large or too small for the archangel to be at your side assistinging you through challenging times. Do not feel guilty by calling on Gabriel for help, the angel enjoys being able to assist you. From what I’ve learned we have free will and need to call upon the angels for assistance, they’re not allowed to interfere. As always, if anything I say doesn’t feel like the truth then throw it away.

Archangel Gabriel is known as the divine messenger of God. Many of us are aware that he announced to the Virgin Mary that she was going to give birth to the son of God.

These are some of the reasons that Gabriel is called the messenger of God. Also known as the herald of visions and considered to be one of the angels of a higher ranking with God. I am not fond of the hierarchy concept but that is a pretty consistent theme. From my own personal experiences it makes sense. I just think too much focus in our world and above is thought in the manner of a pecking order. As the announcer or communicator he is said to deliver God’s messages where people can understand the message clearly and accept them with a pure heart.

Many Christian religions revere Gabriel as a saint. Gabriel is normally depicted clothed in blue or white garments carrying a lily. The flower itself represents purity, innocence and rebirth. I love that Gabriel is often carrying this flower and a trumpet for his role as the announcer. He also often is shown with a scroll, he is the one to bring the information to mankind. He is known as the angel of revelation.

Gabriel is the archangel said to be associated with the moon and the elements of water. Both of those factors are intricately connected. The moon affects the earth’s water, and water is associated with emotions. This angel is connected to the zodiac sign of cancer which is a water sign, the angel can help with things of the home and family. From my personal experiences with Gabriel I can share that the energy is balanced. At times Gabriel is more feminine because the angel is nurturing, caring, gentle, loves children and helps individuals become pregnant, helps with difficult pregnancies and aids with child rearing. That’s why the angel is seen with feminine energy often because Gabriel is associated with motherhood. This angel has a strong connection to families.

Gabriel is seen as male and female. The name Gabriel means God is my strength; hero of God.

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