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Angel Numbers – the Bridge Between Angels and Humans

Updated: Mar 6

Angel Numbers - a bridge of communication between angels and humans

Angels use angel numbers to communicate with us. They send us specific and coded messages in the form of numerical sequences. Because numbers are universal, Angels use them to contact us and let us know they are here.

Angel numbers – Consists of a series of numbers that are repeated and found in our daily lives. The angels try to communicate with us, so it is not a coincidence if we always see the same numbers. Whether you believe in them or not, it is clear that it is not a coincidence.

How to interpret the angel numbers?

Now, you know what an Angel Number is, but you wonder how to read it and interpret it. Do not worry. Angels and numbers are linked and connected, they guide us in the meanders of our thoughts and emotions thanks to signals that draw our attention.

These signs are physical signs that appear in the places where we are. For example, see the same numbers 4 or 5 times a day. Actually, as numbers surround us in our daily lives, it is very easy for an Angel to get in touch with us by this means.

Once you begin to realize these signals sent by the Angels, you will experience great satisfaction. This connection with the Angel through angelic numerology will help you see life in a more optimistic and positive way.

It is possible to interpret effectively these angel numbers, they will allow you to understand how and why the angel is going towards you and what he expects you to do. Understanding the meaning of angel numbers depends on our abilities. You will have to put your mind blank and concentrate to be able to interpret them.

Angelic Numerology

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The position of the numbers in a sequence is very important. Each individual number has its own meaning. If you look at a three-digit number repeatedly, you should focus on the middle number, which is the most important. If there are several numbers in the sequence, concentrate on the entire sequence.

We take the example of a 3-digit composite number: 376. Concentrate first on the middle number, 7. Then, try to interpret the meaning of each number: 3, 7 and 6. Now, add these 3 numbers: 3 + 7 +6 = 16. Add 1 and 6 and how much do you get? 7! As the number in the middle of its sequence! It means that the 7 carries a fundamental message in angel number 376.

Do not forget: every time you see a number repeatedly, it means that an Angel tries to communicate with you. It matters little that you understand its meaning because your unconscious will do it for you. Even now, you may not understand it in the human sense but your subconscious does. Then, you should just let yourself go and trust the Angels and the angel numbers they send to communicate.

Why do angels use angelic numerology to reveal universal messages?

Angels always try to help us solve our everyday problems. They respond every time we ask for help! You may wonder why they do not send direct signs …

Here's the answer: Angels are incredibly pure spiritual beings. His voice is so pure and the light and love that they give off vibrate so strongly that human beings can not feel his presence.

However, if you believe in them, you may experience angelic presences. It is for this reason that they use angel numbers to communicate.

But we may not understand their messages clearly, so they use other means such as waking up at 5:55 in the morning or having us watch the clock at 11:11. If it happens very often, remember that the Angels send messages to indicate their presence.

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A complete guide for angel numbers composed of 3 digits

Each angel number is adapted to the person concerned. Here is a list of the most common Angel Numbers and their meaning:

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111 is positive and easy to understand, represents alignment. You can interpret it in your own way, according to your perception but the Angels want to tell you that your life is aligned and whatever path you take to live your life, this is the best for you at this time.

Therefore, you must keep fighting to continue on this path. It is also a sign of creative energy. It is the perfect time to make a wish because when the number "111" appears, it means that your Angel is listening to you.

This number is a signal sent by your Angel to indicate that you must trust the changes that are happening in your life. Things may not play to your advantage but they happen for your own good and you will enjoy the benefits later. You need balance in your life and that is what the Angel tries to tell you. Seeing this number may indicate that you must surround yourself with people who support you in your decisions.

Trust everything that happens and pick up what you have sown. The best things are being directed towards you, abundance is on the way!

Angel Numbers 333

This number is a signal that the Angel sends you to express your thoughts and feelings and not to hide them, whether positive or negative. Keeping everything for you could destroy you, then … express yourself!

It is also the sign that you must believe in YOU! Take care of yourself, your body and your mind. Do not stay in the darkness that you created, let the sunshine and feel free.

Seeing this angel number means that the Angel comes to his aid: he has heard his pleas and will lead him to the right path. It is with you, ready to support you.

It is also your way of asking yourself to open up: do not hide your thoughts and feelings. Allow the Angel to help you and know your thoughts. Turn to him because he can guide you in the right direction.

Angel Numbers 555

This number appears very often when someone is about to start a new chapter in their life. You must know and have the conviction that your Angel accompanies you and wants to guide you in each of your decisions.

It is also the sign that we must leave the past behind, forget it because the time has come to move forward. Then, take your time, set new goals and think about how to change your routine for more productivity and efficiency.

Angel Numbers 666

This number means that you must get rid of some thoughts that imprison you. Maybe a bad memory or a bad experience? Whatever it is, you must change the way you see things because it hurts you a lot.

You may have heard that 666 is a bad omen or that it is the sign of bad luck. Well, it's not the case. It is only your Angel that tells you that there is still time to change your way of thinking and improve your life.

Angel number 777 is synonymous with miracles and spiritual control. Seeing this number should please him because it means that your Angel loves everything you have done and achieved in your life. You are on the right track and you have the right to continue like this. It is also the sign that your consciousness is rising to a higher level. If you have prayed for something, you will get it. It is a matter of patience!

Angel Numbers 888

This angel number means that something good is being directed towards you. It can be a relationship, job offers or even something that you have prayed for!

If you want to start something new, do not waste your time, get to work right now and follow your instinct. It's the right time, do not miss it!

Angel Numbers 999

This number is related to the end. A chapter of your life is about to close and your Angel is accompanying you to give the last touch to what should end.

It also means that you have finished with the homework that was a great life lesson for you. Do not think that it is something negative, it is simply a new beginning. The end of a cycle is the beginning of something new. Maybe some doors have been closed, but bigger ones will open.

This guide to angel numbers composed of 3 digits in general. I advise you to always listen to your instinct when you see these numbers.

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