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A 5 Step Healing and Releasing Technique

Updated: Mar 1

Energy gets trapped in the body. When people say harsh words to you it hurts emotionally and physically. We were taught that sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you. That is part of our faulty programming, it’s simply not true.

Did you ever have someone say something so cruel to you that it takes your breath away, or feels like they punched you in your stomach?

I have found toxic words have caused me far more damage than someone striking me. I am not saying physical violence is acceptable by any means. I have just noticed that harsh words are poison in the brain and it can take a lifetime to heal.

I learned this technique many years ago when I was just starting to realize there was more to our world than meets the eye. I was visiting with some of my psychic healer friends and they told me I had a lot of blocked energy in my solar plexus. At the time I had no idea what they were talking about or how to fix it. I made a joke and said “at my age, who the heck doesn’t have baggage”. I went home and quietly lay in my bed and just followed my gut to heal my gut.

Step one:

You want to lie still as in a meditative state in a quiet room without distractions. Remember to shut off phone notifications. Ask your loved ones not to disturb you or better yet, do it when they are not at home.

Alternatively, you can purchase A 5 Step Healing and Releasing Technique as a one-time thing

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