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What is a Reiki Session?

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woman receiving a Reiki session

An official Reiki session is approximately forty-five minutes long. During this whole time, the client will lay on a bed, barefoot and dressed. During the session, soft music and aromas such as incense or essences (aromatherapy) are used. The Reiki Healer’s hands are placed on various parts of the client’s body and the Reiki Energy flows.

During an average Reiki session, you will feel a deep inner relaxation and a clear mind with a great feeling of peace. Many people fall asleep in the middle of the session, this is natural and will not influence the final result, some feel a tingling, heat or cold sensation in different parts of the body as energy flows, other people see colors, experience a feeling of “floating” or feel emotions that come to the surface and others do not feel anything.

One-off sessions can be done to obtain a deep relaxation and momentary sensation of well-being or the treatment of four sessions where one works more thoroughly to remove the client from a state of disharmony.

A Reiki session will increase your energy and your spirits, giving you a more positive outlook on life. Previous stressful situations seem to reduce or disappear.

Many clients after receiving their first sessions, experience changes that can be worrisome, such as feelings of nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, sore throat or emotional feelings of anger and upset. This is what is called a healing crisis.

Healing Crisis

A healing crisis is a process that is activated in our being, through which our physical body releases toxins accumulated in our organs and our mental-emotional body releases emotions or reveals thought patterns that are harmful to us. This is what we call a healing crisis.

On the other hand, a batch of Reiki sessions is well worth pursuing as ultimately one of the greatest Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation. This will trigger the body’s natural immune system helping you to heal and preventing further sickness. Reiki is also known to aid in better sleep, offer relief during emotional distress and sorrow and give you an overall sense of better health and vitality.

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