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There is a great interest in people wanting to know how to connect with their spirit guides. The reasoning ranges from connecting to the higher frequency energy, receiving guidance that deeply impacts their lives in a superior and positive way. In my opinion this is a natural, universal right, that we all benefit from this connection. It is my  belief that people mistakenly think it’s far more challenging to accomplish this goal than it actually is to connect. I will share some tips on how to do this easily and naturally. Keep in mind that we are never alone, they are with us all along. With these steps that I share it has to do with us putting ourselves in position to better receive their messages and nudges for us to continue on our spiritual journey.


I have had many experiences with my guides and others in the spiritual realm well before I was aware of what was happening. For instance, I remember walking down the hallway in middle school when I randomly asked a question in my head: ‘How will I know my husband when I meet him?’ Immediately, I received the simple response, ‘He will be left-handed.’ At the time that was enough of an answer for me.


Connecting with your spirit guides is a deeply personal and sacred journey, as with any committed relationship, it takes time, trust, openness and vulnerability. It’s vital to use your discernment to make sure that it’s indeed your higher-self or spirit guides, be aware of the energy. We were all taught that when we answer the door to our home we first ask, “who is it”, before allowing them to enter our home. It’s a similar process of using common sense and knowing who you are allowing into your spiritual space. A great practice is to ask yourself questions, such as, what does the energy feel like? Is it warm, loving, supportive? How does it make me feel, safe, comforted and loved or frightened, cold, goosebumps and the hair on the back of your neck standing up? When you’re working with your guides, it’s an incredibly high frequency and loving energy. 


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How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

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