What is a Spiritual Counselor for?


We all need to have a good spiritual counselor to guide us correctly so as not to neglect the soul, which in the end is more important than the body. We need to honor all aspects of ourselves and be in balance. Having a good spiritual guide is necessary because it is essential to know if we are going well and in the right way or if we are going on the wrong path, occupying a place that does not correspond to us among the living.

Working as a spiritual guide requires that you have personal integrity, responsibility and commitment to your own spiritual growth before you can extend your wisdom to others.

Aware of the need to offer comprehensive care to the patient and their environment, we want to offer them, with respect to their freedom, spiritual care. The spiritual counselor periodically offers sessions to patients and family members who request it.

The goal of spiritual counseling is to offer help in a fundamental area for the patient, at a key moment in their life. We understand that the spiritual dimension cannot be ignored but must be integrated into the set of human experiences, and that is why if you ask for it, we place ourselves at your disposal here.

What does a Spiritual Counselor do?

The counselor helps many types of people with different problems. Many unbelievers who would never approach an evangelical pastor talk about their problems with the spiritual counselor. In the same way, many people share experiences of their lives with the spiritual counselor, experiences that they will never confess to any other person. It is not limited to working with people of only one sex, or of a single religion. As you can see, the spiritual counselor is in a very special position to help and guide anybody.

To be a good counselor you need to “understand life” and “not be surprised at anything.” It is necessary to understand the life of young people, married life and be able to talk freely about sex. I do not say that one must have lived through the problems to know the solution, but sometimes to be old and to have lived some experiences in life gives people a sense of trust. In this work, the experience is worth a lot. After all, the spiritual counselor’s job is to guide people about how to live better.



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