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My passion is to help clients achieve their goals, fulfill their dreams and learn to live their best lives. My gifts are from a higher power. 

 As a spiritual light worker, I connect with the Divine. I channel information that helps people to heal, move past blocks, and arrive at a place of peace. I am able to tap into other realms to communicate with angels, ascended masters and client's spirit guides. 


Clear guidance and communication is delivered to help clients transition to healthier decisions that honor themselves and proper use of boundaries and self-care. Faulty programming and limiting belief systems are revealed so the client can recognize the root of their problems and rise above the limitations. I get great satisfaction from my work in being able to assist and give clients the necessary tools that enable them to take steps to build a more positive life path and to become empowered. 

Watch Daniela give an introduction to a Session Channeling Divine Energy

We all have the universe inside of us and the ability to connect to a higher power, it does take practice to master the process.  When you are not satisfied with your current life circumstances it's time to go deep and find answers. Our outside world reflects what's going on inside of us.  Until we do something with the energy from our past we are burdened with carrying it around with us. It could be in the form of rejection, betrayal, hurt, trauma or belief that you are not good enough.


If you desire to be free and empowered, then take a look at all the services I offer below and schedule a session with me. 


Psychic Medium Hands


Receive closure, peace and healing to move through grief to be light and joyful again. Perfect opportunity to connect with your loved ones and speak from your heart with anything that was left unsaid. Ask the questions you never had time to ask in life.

Chakra Colors


Working within your Chakra energy system, you will obtain answers as to why you may feel stagnant or ill health in certain areas of your body. Receive knowledge as to what trauma occurred in the past to produce stuck or blocked energy. Unresolved issues from past traumas remain in the body as energy. If the energy is not flowing, that is when disease can settle into the body.

Spirit Energy Flow.jpg


Obtain answers, clarity, guidance, and validation to live a happier, more successful and fulfilled purpose-driven life. Take back your power to create the life you desire. Psychic Readings can help you take charge and stop believing life just happens to you

Stone Tower


Spiritual Life Coaching is for individuals that desire to live their BEST life. One filled with passion, joy, creativity. You can experience a state of gratitude. Having the belief that there is so much more waiting for you and feeling the possibility of more.  Eliminate the negative, limiting mind chatter and release the negativity that has been holding you back.

Sunrise Energy


Remove and transform the energy that has kept you stuck in a rut. If you feel like you are not knowing or understanding why you keep repeating the same limiting and self-sabotaging behavior, Spiritual Energy Work can help you get unstuck and move forward.

Spiritual Energy


Have you wondered why you keep having the same recurring dream, or irrational fear or phobia,  the sensation you've come from a different time period? Powerful answers come through to help you better understand your current repeating patterns, or current relationships issues. We carry all of our current and past experiences within our consciousness. 

What is the Difference between a Medium, a Psychic and a Channeler?

Medium Reading

The goal of a Medium is to focus on communicating with our deceased loved ones. If you are seeking to communicate with deceased loved ones in spirit, you will most likely be interested in a medium reading.

Psychic Reading

A psychic perceives the energy, feelings and information around a person, situation or personal relationship. The goal of a Psychic is to be able to "read the energies" of others thanks to the ability to understand the complex web of energy and feelings around him/her. In this way, they can help shed light on a specific event or a personal situation.

A Channel

A Channeler is basically a medium with a specialization. Traditionally, channeling messages from advanced spirits, usually to communicate spiritual wisdom about life and the afterlife. Many channelers work with the same higher-level spirit or a group of spirits their entire life to communicate with one or more advanced spirits for universal wisdom.

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