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What Happens at Typical Psychic Sessions?

Updated: Mar 11

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This is what happens at typical psychic sessions that I do

On my psychic sessions, I connect to God/Source Energy & my guides work with your guides to answer questions about your present life, past and current romantic relationship. Answers to the inter-dynamics of family relationships and the importance and  relevance of past lives and soul family. To give direction and guidance with important decisions to be made in all areas of your life including career, love life, best places to live and life purpose. Understand important events from your past that need healing and releasing or still life lessons that need to be learned. 

What happens at typical psychic sessions is a look into your future to see what is coming up. My tools are Oracle cards, Angel cards, Fairy cards etc, and I use a Pendulum as well which is great for testing energy for Chakra system or checking the energy in someone’s home or office. Great tool to easily find blockages, lingering energy, stagnant energy, or earth bound spirits that have not moved on.

When you receive a reading you get guidance to be on your Divine path. It will cover areas where you have abundance blocks, or where healing needs to be received so you can move forward in a positive prosperous way to create the life you desire to live. You will receive clarity on romantic issues, career and family. You may request oracle cards and pendulum to be used during the reading.

I have predicted pregnancies, engagements, marriages, change of career path, move to other states and countries.

When a client desires to connect with a deceased love one we request their presence. I connect to Source Energy and ask my guides Archangel Micheal, AAGabriel, AARaphael, AAUriel to help with protection, connection,  and assist to help the departed spirit comfortable and relaxed to work with me. I raise my vibration to connect with your loved one and describe their appearance, personality, their essence and details about their death. They speak to me, show me scenes, share emotions and memories with me, then I relay the messages and information to the clients. They give me information that proves to you that it is truly beyond a doubt that it’s your loved one.  Each spirit has their own unique signature. Many times they give me very personal information that only the client knows about, words spoken shortly before their death or messages that the client received in a dream after their loved one passed.

Mediumship readings bring a great deal of peace and resolution to the individual receiving the reading. The departed loved ones are often eager to connect with you and let you know that they love you, are at peace and want you to know that they still exist, they are still around you. Just because they no longer reside in a physical body does not mean that they are not present and doing their best to support you and help in any way that they can. Almost all the time they are happy to show up and answer your questions. They want you to not grieve their death but be at peace and feel their love for you. Grief, anger, depression are all blocks to you picking up on their attempts at reaching you to comfort and connect with you personally.


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