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The Next Full Moon - The Flower Moon On May 5th, 2023

Updated: Mar 1

the flower moon

The flower moon is known by many names such as the hare moon, the milking moon. This is traditionally the time when Spring is taking off into full bloom and all of nature is coming to life. It’s called the flower moon because of the abundance of blooming flowers. We have all heard the saying that April showers bring May flowers. This is the cycle of life, the full moon and new moon is our connection to the natural flow of nature and we are deeply rooted into that natural flow. There has been a disconnect with many of us being removed from nature and not realizing we are a part of it and nature is a part of us. We need that connection to feel happy and alive.

The spiritual meaning of the flower moon is all about love, laughter, joy, celebration, happiness and pleasure.

The next full moon is all about blooming, becoming the best versions of ourselves. A time to manifest, blossom, give birth to the beautiful vision of ourselves that we desire to become. Please stop playing it small and realize if you can dream it, take the necessary steps to heal and baby steps to become it. The heart is where the vision of our gorgeous selves first appears to us. Dream big and trust in God/Source to allow yourself to become vulnerable and love with all your heart. Dare to blossom into a more loving beautiful version of yourself.

Ways to celebrate the Flower Moon

Before you can bring more blessings into your life, heart, and your body you need to release old energy, old patterns and belief systems. It’s a must to make room for the new energy and opportunities to enter your life. Out with the old and in with the new.

Start By Decluttering


You can start by decluttering your bedroom, office and or home. You start by setting the timer for fifteen minutes at a time emptying drawers or closets whatever you decide. When it rings then you reset it for fifteen minutes to put out the trash, bring the donations out to the car or call for a service to pick them up.

Only keeping what is serving you makes you happy. Things that are no longer a vibrational match for you, that don’t feel good anymore get rid of them. If you declutter your space then your mind will follow and start to declutter and make it easier to understand and realize what you want and what you don’t want in your life. Taking baby steps daily by decluttering your space to rid yourself of chaos and ease anxiety.

Make Yourself a Priority in your Life

handcuffs coming off, freedom

Start really being present for yourself and look around at the people in your life. It’s time to take stock, are they bringing you energy or are they draining you. We all go through challenging times but if it’s been ten years that they keep draining you, perhaps it’s time to cut them loose. Are they always in crisis mode? Perhaps this friendship or partnership isn’t working for you? If you believe it makes you feel good to always be there for that person, ask yourself a question, is it because you want to be the hero? Are you wanting to rescue people? You are enabling them by keeping them in victim mode which is damaging to the person you believe that you are helping. That’s an ego trip. You are avoiding your own work to keep busy with other people’s problems in an attempt to avoid seeing where you need to heal.

Now is a wonderful opportunity to break that cycle and become the leading star in your own life. Especially If you are not happy with these relationships when someone only contacts you when they need your help or only talks about their problems. A good question to ask yourself is why their needs are more important than mine?

This is decluttering your life from people and situations that don’t serve you. You’re sacrificing yourself when it’s a one way street relationship. This is a time to clear away what is not working for you, relationships or false responsibilities. Situations that are too much for you to bear and it’s time to let go of these burdens. Respond with, that is not going to work for me. No apologies, just no.

Write a Letter of Release to the Universe

pen and paper on a decorated table

It is a wonderful time to write a letter of release to the Universe of all that you wish to release and be free from, become untangled. I like to sit and breathe for a few minutes connecting with God, my guides, archangels and become clear about all that I would like to let go of, become lighter.

Once I am done writing the letter I burn it out in the full moon if possible releasing it to the Universe to take it away from me. Again the old saying, let go and let God. You can think of your higher self stepping in and lifting these burdens from you.

Charge your Crystals in the Full Moon

crystals in a bowl

If you work and do self healing with crystals, put them out in the full moon to charge. For ease you can place them in an open container or tupperware and place them on your patio or in your yard. It is similar to recharging their batteries. Remember to bring them in the home in the morning because the sun will bleach certain crystals, the lighter the color the more sensitive. Rose quartz and amethyst can lose their color among other crystals.

Burn a Green Candle

green candle with flame

The full moon energy starts roughly 48 hours before and stays for 48 hours after the full moon, which is on Friday May 5th.

On Thursday, May 4th, you can get a green candle and carve what you desire to manifest in your life and what you desire to release in your life and burn it completely.

Shift your Energy

Spiritual paraphernalia on a table

To help shift your energy and clear out the old energetic vibrations you can play crystal bowl meditation, 528 hz healing even banging two sticks together to clear energy and raise vibration. You can also ring bells, hit the side of a singing bowl to help you shift your energy, play on a drum, all raise the vibration.

Bathe with Salts, Crystals and Essential Oils

Bath Salts

If you really want to celebrate the flower moon by becoming a beautiful blossom, another thing that you can do is to fill a tub with hot water. Next add various salts and add your favorite crystals and some essential oils. It rids your body of impurities and absorbs the positive properties of the crystals.

Reinvent Yourself

The moon cycle gives you a chance to reinvent yourself and become a happier, healthier version of yourself. Is it time for you to start blooming in your own life? Even if you're the only one to see the beauty that is you, it’s a great time to fall in love with yourself!

There are many challenges facing humanity at this time and most people can feel the unpleasant sensations. It takes a lot of work to keep your energy clear, I highly recommend building your spiritual routine or toolbox.

Book a Chakra Cleansing and Balancing Session to Coincide with the Flower Moon

If you would like a chakra healing and cleanse book a session with me. You may be interested in recognizing and stopping repeating life cycles, book a Chakra Cleansing & Balancing session.

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