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The City of Tampa

Updated: Mar 4

palm trees in the evening at Tampa, Florida

Tampa is situated on the West coast of Florida, in the bay of Tampa next to the Hillsborough River. The city is surrounded by two large water masses: Old Tampa Bay and Hillsborough Bay, both placing the Bay of Tampa, which opens finally to the Gulf of Mexico.

About Tampa

The Hillsborough River flows into Hillsborough Bay, passing directly in front of Downtown Tampa and supplying the city with its main sources of water. It is linked to Saint Petersburg, on the other side of the bay, by means of the 24 km long Gandy bridge. The population of the city is around 347,645 inhabitants (2012 census) distributed in about 442 km2.

Tampa’s climate is subtropical with hot and humid summers, famous for its nighttime thunderstorms, and dry winters. The average annual rainfall is 1,116 mm, most of which falls from June to September. The average annual temperature is 22 ° C, with an average maximum of 28 ° C and an average minimum of 17 ° C.

It is the third-largest city in Florida, located on the shores of the Tampa Bay Gulf. The city was annexed to the US territory in the mid-nineteenth century, at that time it was already a well developed industrial region and very perspective. At the end of the 19th century it became famous thanks to a tobacco company that produced the best cigars in the region, later factories that extracted and transformed phosphates were opened, the tourism sector began to develop only in the second half of the 20th century.

Spiritual History of Tampa Bay

Thanks to its long history, Tampa is now known as a spiritual city where you can find various places of spiritual interest. In its early days, Tampa was home to various native civilizations that used to have many spiritual places. It has been said that all this energy is still present everywhere in Tampa.

In the 19th century, the name Hillsborough was associated with the county whose seat is Tampa. The name of the city, according to at least one account connected to the tribal village of Calusa called “Tanpa”, which was well south of Tampa Bay, but historians believe the Romans accidentally transferred the names to cartographers of the north who mistranslated it as “Tampa.” There’s another story that says that “Tampa” is perhaps an anglicized word that means “fire wand”. 

Religion has also had an important role in the city’s history. Evidence of the spiritual growth of the young church was seen in the founding of their early churches. The first church in Tampa was founded by a Methodist congregation in 1846. The Methodists were followed by Baptists who organized the First Baptist Church of Tampa in 1859. Catholics founded a parish in Tampa the following year.

Spiritual places in Tampa

Wat Mongkolratanaram

Founded in 1981. The Wat Mongkolratanaram temple became a centre of study and practice of meditation, a central Asian and Thai cultural practice, the school studies of the Thai language and Buddhism. A center for communication and support between onboard Thai people and officers of the Thai government and the center of all religious communities.

The current main prayer room was inaugurated in 2007; The Buddha statue in the new prayer hall was named and anointed on April 8, 1980, by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

The land of the temple and its surroundings is a haven of peace and tranquillity for those seeking good energy. The Sunday Market is known for its tasty and delicious Thai food.

Franciscan Centre

The Franciscan Center offers an environment of peace, simplicity and hospitality to all who seek spiritual renewal. They invite everyone to come to find acceptance, peace and healing and to listen to God in the midst of the beauty of creation.

The centre is a private, nonprofit nursing home run by the Franciscans and committed lay people who are supported by faithful volunteers in their ministry. Throughout the year, the various professional board of directors assist employees in providing group programs and private pensions. The centre is also available to groups who want to organize their retreats or meetings here.

Hindu Temple of Florida

Florida’s Hindu Temple, Tampa was founded and supported by humble devotees and serves as a prayer and meditation centre for the people of Tampa Bay. The motto is “God is one – wise men give different names”.

Less than 15 km north of Tampa International Airport, on a modest side road through the flat terrain and lush vegetation typical of Florida Bay, a striking architectural building suddenly bursts above them. Built for the needs of a growing Indian community, the Florida Hindu Temple is unique in its suburbs.

The Hindu Temple of Florida serves as a pedagogical and spiritual base for Hinduism and Indian culture.

Tampa is not only a beautiful city but thanks to its energy, it is also one of the best cities to host a Mediumship or Psychic party.

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