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Signs That You Might Have Psychic Powers

Updated: Mar 6

Beautiful Owl with piercing yellow eyes that feels like it is seeing deep within your sould.

7 Signs To Recognize Your Psychic Powers

1. You think of someone and they contact you

Have you ever been thinking of a person and the phone suddenly rings or you receive a text message? Or have you repeatedly heard from this phrase from loved ones that you always know when to call them or reach out when they need you? This is maybe a strong indicator that you are an empath with psychic powers.

2. Your vivid dreams start to manifest

Did you ever wakeup from an vivid, intense dream that seemed so real and within the next several days the experience actually manifests into reality? Dreaming of a material thing such as a house you have never seen and within a couple days you are standing in that very same house?  Did you ever have a daydream of meeting someone, going somewhere or event that actually comes to fruition? This can be another sign that the Universe is trying to get your attention that you are Psychic.

3. You get a gut feeling before an incident

Have you had a strong feeling that you could not shake that something was going to happen even though it seemed impossible, and yet it comes to pass? Do you just know things before they occur?  Do you have a strong gut feeling that is usually accurate?

4. You become connected and synced with another person

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you were reading someone’s mind? Or you were both thinking the exact same thing at the same time? Does this tend to happen with people that you have a strong emotional connection with? Did you ever have a conversation in your head with someone and later find out that they heard your thoughts? This is telepathy. This can take place even when people are across the country or world from you.  Did you ever repeat something over and over to someone until they finally answer you and you realized you only communicated through your thoughts not using your words? Telepathy with psychics is far more common than most people are aware of, often people think it’s a coincidence.

5. You start to get a 6th sense about other people

Have you ever gotten a strong reaction of disliking someone intensely as soon as you meet them? You can’t bear to sit next to them, be in the same room with them? You don’t want to be around their energy?  Or you take an instant liking to someone and feel that it’s going to be a great life long friendship? You feel instant affection, love and a strong connection that you can’t explain?  Later to find that you were correct? This is a very helpful and useful Psychic tendency and it is wise to listen to your gut feeling.

6. You begin to recognize other souls

How about recognizing someone, having a strong feeling you know them, as if you known them forever as soon as you see them only to realize that you have never met before? Yet the familiar feeling remains? This is called recognition.

7. You feel familiar in strange places

Did you ever go to a new location, recognize the area and were able to navigate through town? Recognize the buildings, roads and a particular house in town and know that you had lived there before? Or had vivid memories of a place that you had not been before? This can be a past life memory resurfacing or a future event about to come into your reality.


Having one or two of these signs that you might have psychic powers happen can be considered a coincidence (unless you’re of the paradigm that there are no coincidences). Yet as you start to become aware of your own spiritual growth, you’ll find these 7 items to become a common occurrence in your life. When you pay attention, you’ll see the energy is trying to tell you something. It’d be a good time listen!


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