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Seven Sisters Inn

Updated: Mar 4

Seven Sisters Inn - A haunted Bed and Breakfast

Experience the Paranormal while Enjoying a Stay at the Seven Sisters Inn in Ocala, Florida

Do you believe in ghosts? If not, you probably haven’t spent a night at the Seven Sisters Inn in Ocala, Florida. There are a lot of stories of spirits inside the houses. Not only that, Murder Mystery events and crimes that happened in the house have put them on the map! Are you bold enough to read the history?

The Seven Sisters Inn are two Gothic-style and Queen Anne Victorian houses, located in Ocala, Florida. The name alludes to the owners, seven daughters/sisters. There are 13 rooms where you can stay, but a warning, the Seven Sisters Inn has permanent (non-paying) guests that will give your goosebumps goosebumps!

This place was built by the entrepreneur and influential Ocala citizen Charles Rheinauer and his wife Emma in 1892. It is believed that the house was built in the same place as a triage near Fort King. Guests tell their stories about footsteps in the hall, moving furniture, knocks on the wall, voices, shadows and more things that happen no matter the time of day or night.


Many Ghost-hunters have gone to the house to investigate the rumours for themselves. In 2008, one such investigation in the Seven Sisters Inn found that their K2 meter, designed to pick up spikes in electromagnetic energy, was inexplicably lighting up.

These guys spent some nights in the place, and they claim that, during night time sessions, they saw a shadow running from room to room. A shoe belonging to one of the ghosthunters went missing. Despite looking for it the whole day, they finally found it in the middle of a room. They reported various noises and knocks, and even claim to have seen a shadow of a woman sitting in a chair many times.

The woman in white, the young boy, and the old man.

Various visitors claim to have seen a woman wearing white walking through halls and rooms. It is unclear when this woman was first seen, but sightings have been reported for many years. A young boy and an old man have also been seen, most often appearing together.

In this case, people know the date when it began. It was October 2005, two guests saw them first in a big room in the house, they told the owners about it and, since then, various visitors have reported seeing the ghostly pair in different rooms in the inn

There are several more stories like these. No-one has ever been hurt, it seems that the nonvisible guests just live there and sometimes they play with the people inside. This is an excellent location for people wishing to experience a paranormal situation for the first time. The bravest visitors have left the place with their whole idea of the 4th dimension changed! Experiment yourself with the real presence of spirits and energies, if you are brave enough!

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