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Recognizing 17 Signs Of Your Mediumship Abilities

Updated: Mar 6

surreal photo of energy beams in the woods

Human spiritual energy connecting with that of supernatural energy. Heavenly and earthly energy connect.

Understanding and Recognizing Signs of your Mediumship Abilities

Hmm… have you ever noticed things that you couldn’t explain away? Wondered if your vision, hearing or sense of smell was impaired? Question if you were awake or mentally stable? Realized that you were having experiences that were just not part of the mundane everyday normal reality? If you have answered yes to any of these questions it’s a good idea to continue reading about recognizing signs of your Mediumship Abilities and get some of these mysteries cleared up.

Did you start noticing unusual things in your childhood? Or was there an event that occurred in your life that triggered these experiences? These abilities can appear in either situation or actually intensify, especially during puberty. No worries, it is possible to learn to settle into your gifts and it’s extremely helpful to identify and understand your abilities. After exploration, if you are still uncomfortable you can either turn down your gifts of possibly shut them down. Once you shut down your mediumship gifts it is tricky to reverse the process to get your gifts to come back fully.

1. The feeling of someone standing behind you

Did you ever experience the sensation of someone standing right behind you when you were physically alone? Or that someone or something was in the room with you? Feeling the hair on the back of your neck standing up cold chills on your body?

2. Had someone caress your face or squeeze your hand

Ever feel the sensation of someone touching or tapping you? Or perhaps like someone was pulling on your hair or clothes?  Felt like someone was sitting next to you?

3. Huge fluctuations in temperature

Have you ever experienced a drastic temperature change in the room, suddenly freezing or burning up and no way to explain the change?

4. Murmured conversations

Or heard your name being called or heard talking to only realize that there is no one there?

5. The knowing feeling that it’s more than a dream

Had a vivid dream of a loved one that passed over and it’s so detailed, vivid, clear and feels so real? You wake up feeling like the person is in your presence or confused if they are actually still living?

6. Becoming aware that the scent is not from anything from this reality or dimension

What about being in a really mellow place mentally, kind of zoning out and suddenly notice a distinct fragrance or smell that immediately reminds you of a loved one?

7. Picking up movement or shadow figures with your peripheral vision

Did you ever see a figure out of the corner of your eye and turn to look and it disappears? When we turn our head to focus more on what originally caught our eye that is when it vanishes. If you stay still and use your peripheral vision you usually will be able to gather more information and delay the vanishing. Sometimes you can see a spirit straight ahead and it stays.

8. Picking up or receiving a download of information

What about walking into a room that has possessions of a deceased and received information about the individual’s personality and correct details of their life or passing?

9. Seen visions of events from past history

Have you gone to a new location and received communication through telepathy, or seen visions like a movie playing in your head of past history to learn later it truly happened?

10. A sudden shift in emotions for no apart reason

How about picking up feelings or emotions of deceased individuals or a person around you? Having gifts of empathy is common among mediums, they tend to be extremely compassionate individuals.

11. Irrational fear of the dark or being alone

Have an unexplained fear of the dark as a child or even as an adult?

12. Get the impression you are not alone

Did you have a sense of being watched when you were alone, getting increasingly uncomfortable? Or had the sensation that something sat down beside you on the sofa, or you see the indentation in the bed as well as the motion of the bed sinking?

13. Hearing strange sounds in your home

Do you hear strange sounds such as footsteps on the floor above you or sounds like the furniture being moved when no one else is around?

14. The disappearance of your personal possessions?

Have you had things your things disappear when there was no way for someone to take it? Had crosses removed from your space? The disappearance of books that you were reading, glasses, or jewellery? No explanation as to why your things are vanishing?

15. Did you ever question what you were seeing

Have you witnessed things moving right in front of your eyes by their own accord, even after you rubbed your eyes? A glass sliding across the counter, or an ashtray going in circles and moving across the table. The water turning on and running? A bed shaking, or the corner lifting up into the air? Or a spirit right in front of you?

16. Interference with electronics

Has the tv channels changed, radio stations switched by itself or the volume either gone way up or way down or shut off? Have your laptop or other electronics turn on by themselves. Have the lights in a room go on or off by themselves?


This is by no way a complete list of signs of having mediumship abilities, just simply a scratch of the surface. Being a medium is a great gift, it does come with responsibility. My own perspective is that we are given these gifts to help the living and the deceased. Great healing is possible when helping people through mediumship work.  The previous list is all my recollections from my personal experiences.  It has been quite the journey becoming comfortable with my mediumship abilities and becoming comfortable in my own skin.  I had to learn to accept all of me.  Many people are afraid of mediums, yet many are fascinated. It is all energy, life continues even after the body perishes. It is a transition, not an ending.

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