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July's New Moon In Cancer - The Emotional New Moon

Updated: Feb 29

July New Moon in Cancer

Understanding The Qualities Of The New Moon In Cancer

Each and every new moon is a unique entity unto itself, with qualities that shift depending on which sun sign the new moon appears under. True that there are aspects that they share but they all have something special within themselves. I find it interesting that they possess their individual characteristics, like a large family, the children may seem similar but they all have their own distinct personalities. It will benefit you to look into the characteristics of the sun sign the new moon is under to get the most out of harnessing the full potential and energy to do your manifestations. It may take a bit of time but it’s so worth the effort with the reward that you will receive by getting so much more out of your new moon celebration rituals.

New Moon Brings About New Beginnings

The basic thing is each new moon is about a fresh start, a new beginning. We often limit ourselves to believing that New Year's Eve is the time to set our intentions or create new habits. That seems like a very limiting belief system that we have to wait until the next year to try again if we don’t meet our goals and feel like we failed ourselves. Isn’t it much more positive and empowering, not to mention awesome, that once a month we get another chance to attempt a fresh new beginning? It’s a lovely opportunity for a goal review and a reset if situations are not where we want them to be or our current goals are not working for us, not feeling connected to what we thought we wanted. Why not follow the lunar cycle and during the new moon take our temperature so to speak? What’s working for me? What is not working or doesn’t feel right? What’s no longer serving me? What situations or relationships do I need to let go of and release? We often stick with the status-quo because it’s familiar and is in our comfort zone but often it's keeping us limited and stuck. This is a great time to push out of our comfort zones.

The Next New Moon In Cancer

The New Moon

The Cancer moon will be the first new moon after the summer solstice that was celebrated on June 21st. The more you know about this sun sign the better equipped you will be to understand your emotional state which will be challenging and may call you to focus on things that are pulling you in a different direction than you might be accustomed to in your life. It all depends on what is normal for you.

We will feel overly sensitive, perhaps teary, it’s an emotional moon. This new moon is inviting us to connect with our feelings and to be transparent to ourselves, do not bury feelings under the rug. It’s important to take care of ourselves and make us our highest priority by putting our own needs first. Many believe it’s a good time to work on the sacral chakra where our creation of life is located. This belief is to connect with our feminine energy, our divine power of creating life. If you're a man you would work with the sacrel as well because the sacral does deal with creating, as in the life we desire, creating the life of a child. In this way we are working not so much the divine feminine but also the divine masculine. I believe it’s very important to work with the heart chakra at this time, that’s where emotions are felt strongly. If you feel love it is from the heart chakra, sadness is from the heart. Working with the heart chakra at this time is vital to create, heal and open the heart to love during the new moon to expand to the greatest degree possible at this moment in time. The more expansive the heart becomes and overflows with love, the more light that we are able to hold and the more divine that we become.

Overflowing Emotions

Emotional wedding

Zodiac Cancer is associated with emotions, our intuition, divine feminine energy and all about nurturing others, but extremely important to do self-care and nurture ourselves first. When we take care of our own needs we will have an abundance of energy and actually more to give others, not less. The reason you may feel more sensitive than usual is because the moon rules Cancer and it’s the water sign of emotions. We understand how the moon impacts the tides yet we often don’t realize how deeply it impacts how we feel, mood swings going up and down or that it disrupts our sleep patterns.

During this time of self-reflection we want to be still as much as we can and observe our own thoughts and emotions. It’s very important to take very good care of your needs during the Cancer new moon and if the desire is to pull into your shell then it’s best to follow your gut and retreat. If we are not feeling confident and secure this new moon calls for us to switch our focus and look at our lives to count our blessings. This is vital to switch your energy and bring back hope and optimism into our energy and leave behind insecurity, fear and lack. This is a time to rebuild our emotional selves and to draw strength from one another. As we stand in gratitude it will be easier to feel safe and secure in our bodies, our homes, and the world at large.


As if we won’t be challenged enough with heightened emotions this new moon happens to be opposite Pluto. Keep in mind that Pluto represents change, strength, extreme situations and experiences. Be aware of overdoing things, being in a state of fear without understanding why, or feeling paranoia. Think about it, none of that feels good and nothing to be gained from letting your fears and emotions run away or reacting in a situation instead of taking a step back to get a better perspective.


We have this opportunity annually to learn how to best use the energy of the Cancer new moon. This is a great time to gain clarity around many important areas, such as career, family, romantic relationships, and home life. All the issues that are near and dear to us, it’s the perfect time to get clear and take action to improve our closest relationships and to rid our lives of unnecessary clutter. Once decluttering clears out situations or people that don’t serve us, it’s time to think about ways to enhance our most precious relationships. This new moon assists in creating security and safety by making important changes in our lives that can benefit us for years to come.

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