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Energy Healing, Clearing, and Healthy Maintenance

If you are feeling stagnant, blocked, lethargic or lack of clarity you DEFINITELY will benefit from this class! This event will EMPOWER you by educating you on how we are all responsible for our energy. Learning on how to properly clear, to energize and maintain a healthy energy flow is life-altering. During this session, you will understand the benefit of incorporating and creating your own habits or practices in taking care of your personal energy, your home and work environment.

What a wonderful way to experience self-love, self-care and honouring yourself by incorporating healthy energy hygiene techniques.

Pay $30 in advance to hold your spot through PayPal info@danieladecastro or contact me at 813-455-7114 to process the credit card payment.

Plan on arriving by 9:15 to settle in and remember to bring a notebook and pen to take notes (as well as your morning coffee). You are encouraged to record the class.

I will begin promptly at 9:30.

The Exact location within Lettuce Lake will be shared the morning of the event. 813-455-7114. More information on my youtube channel. This link helps in manifesting the life you desire, the second is on non-vibrational match relationships. Enjoy.

For more details, visit the Facebook Event Page Here

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