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Do Aliens Exist?

Updated: 2 days ago

Do Aliens Exist or Are We All Alone?

Just about everyone alive has pondered the question do aliens exist?

Do Aliens Exist?

Based upon our knowledge now of the vastness of the universe, the number of suns and planets that orbit them, few people would say no to this question. Now the real question is not “Do aliens exist” but rather “have aliens been here? Are they here? Or will they come here?”

The number of suns and planets that orbit them, few people would say no to this question. Now the real question is not “Do aliens exist” but rather “have aliens been here? Are they here? Or will they come here?”

Do Aliens Exist Out There in the Universe?

Do aliens exist out there in the universe?

We should say yes based on the growing number of Earth-like planets being discovered such as the Kepler planets. There are 100 Trillion suns in the universe according to scientists estimates. Considering that the majority of these have multiple planets in their orbits and given time for evolution, liquid water, the right temperature and an atmosphere, why not? It would require a lot of stubbornness to believe we are all alone! Take note also of the Drake Equation that takes into account all the variables required for life to evolve with the estimated number of opportunities. The result of this equation states that there are probably at least 10,000 advanced species in the Milky Way Galaxy alone.

Evidence of Alien Existence

Evidence of alien existence would require that we have physical matter to study. Aliens either dead or alive, spacecraft that is confirmed to be not our own or communication from another planet. Officially and publicly, we have no such things. Does that mean that we have no evidence of alien existence? Or could it mean that us regular folk are just not privy to any evidence? That is for you to decide but remember this…the governments are known to keep information classified in the interest in national security or in the interest of preventing world panic. If the governments were holding alien information and existence from us, is it with the best intentions or is it for more sinister reasons? Again, that is for you to decide.

With that being said, you’ll be surprised to know how revealing the governments can be. Under the Freedom of Information Act, after so many years, many previously classified documents become declassified. These are available to anyone and everyone in plain sight. However, due to the general apathy and sheer distraction present in the world, most people don’t bother to dig through these documents. One such place that you can see such information is on the official FBI .gov website. There is an area on the website called the Vault. Simply go to This is only one such place, of course, there are other government agencies that will hold declassified documents. Just remember that if you want the official source then you must visit a dot gov website. There are many blogs out there who claim “leaked files” and make the whole lot up. With all that being said, the government reserves the right to NOT ever release certain information they deem is just too much to handle.

There REAL question we should be asking is “Have aliens come to Earth?” We will explore this now.

YouTube Footage, Photographs and Eyewitness Testimony of UFOs

Of course, there is an ever-rising number since so many people own Smartphones of UFO footage. There is certainly no shortage of this. Every day you can find new uploads. Does this answer the question “Do Aliens Exist?” Is this evidence. Unfortunately not. There was a well-known saying back before the digital age that said: “The camera doesn’t lie”. Well, it does now! Everyday regular folk now have the same ability as Holywood. Not everyone of course but a large number of nerds do. There are people who can make some pretty clever and very convincing UFO videos and/or photographs. Does that mean that EVERY video or photo of a UFO is fake? I don’t believe so. I refuse to believe that every single person who uploads has the intent of deceiving. We must use our own discernment and decide.

3 Tips to know if a UFO Video is Real or Fake

  1. How long is the video?

Faking a UFO video is hard work and requires a lot of time and energy if done right. Some videos are a few seconds to a minute long. Be suspicious of these. If you have a video that is 15 minutes or longer then I would say there is a greater chance it is genuine.

2. Pay attention to the audio

Acting surprised is not easy. If you are a discerning person, you should know fake enthusiasm, surprise, shock etc. How often do you see a movie and say “gosh that was some bad acting”. There are not too many good actors out there. Acting extreme reactions and emotions is not an easy thing to do. Are there others in the video? Are they looking? Are they reacting? Pay attention to these things.

3. Background

Is the background just too convenient? Does the UFO pass in front of or behind objects such as tree branches, rooftops etc? If so, are there any “mistakes” you spot in the editing? If it’s daytime, pay attention to shadows. Do shadows behave as they should?

Collaborating Eyewitness Testimony

Collaborating and reliable eyewitnesses go a long way in winning a court case. So then, we ought to take this seriously in a UFO case study. To me, this is the strongest evidence there is. There have been many cases of multiple and reliable eyewitness testimony of the same UFO event. In some cases, they have even passed lie detector tests. There are many cases also where these witnesses include trained observers such as military, pilots and police.


Do aliens exist? We ought to be open-minded to the possibility of alien visitation to earth while remaining sceptical at the same time. The math is pretty compelling that aliens most likely exist. Finding them is like finding a needle in a haystack. Have they found us? This is an interesting question and even more interesting is “have aliens been here?” Being open-minded to these possibilities is good for the soul and should inspire us to find meaning in our lives beyond mere survival.

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