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Astral Projection

Updated: Feb 28

Astral projection with woman on a sofa

Astral Projection, a natural phenomenon

Have you ever felt like you’re falling while you sleep, and you woke up afraid? Have you ever felt unable to move, sleep, or wake up? Have you ever “woken up” floating over your body or feeling outside of your physical body? If your answer was yes in any of these questions, you can have peace knowing that these feelings are normal, and they are sensations that can be experienced in the initial phases of external body experience, better known as Astral projection or astral travel.

Astral travel is a natural phenomenon that occurs every night while we sleep, even when we do not realize it. It is common enough that there are many people around the world who share their astral experiences.

There are two main factors that are required for a person to know he is experiencing astral travel. The first one is the lucidity, which means the capacity to remain conscious of what’s happening around. The second factor is the ability to remember the astral experience.

Astral travel is a very different experience than an ordinary dream because it’s not an imaginary event; rather, it is a real situation occurring in another dimension. Ordinary dreams occur, generally, unplanned and without our control. In an astral projection, we usually know that we are dreaming, and we will be able to have a relative control of the dream.

In astral travel, people can find friends, and they both can remember the experience. It’s also a possibility to visit dead people, or to visit places and people by only thinking about it. The first projection usually occurs in people who don’t have any knowledge of what is happening, and it’s very similar to having a near death experience, nevertheless, it’s not necessary to have a clinical death, many people experience this phenomenon during their dreams and it can be unconscious. Astral travel can be experienced even awake, and in these experiences, people are able to have better control of their astral body. If we propose to do an astral projection it’s possible that we won’t reach it in the first try, but will achieve it on subsequent occasions.

The Astral Dimension

astral travel into another dimension

The astral dimension is the place where people go when they have an astral projection. In this dimension, there are energies with a higher frequency than matter and that’s why we can’t enter with our physical body but with our astral body. This place is a parallel dimension to ours and it is divided into two vibratory levels, the higher levels are inhabited by light beings and their mission is to guide us in our astral projection. In the lower levels exist beings with a low vibration that we can attract by having negative thoughts. Fear can guide people to the lower dimension. We should not confuse this with mental projection, in which the mind can reach a level of lucidity.

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