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Are Mediums Real? Daniela’s Story

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Have You Ever Googled The Question “Are Mediums Real”?

I first became aware of my Mediumship abilities when I was a preschooler. I lost both of my grandmothers shortly after my fourth birthday, they died 6 weeks apart from one another. I was very close to the women in my father’s family. My grandmother that raised him played an instrumental part in my opening up to my gifts later in life. I learned when I was older that his birth mother had very similar gifts to myself and spoke to her deceased mother every day. I never met my biological grandmother or great-grandmother in the physical form, but I did meet both in the spirit.

My grandmother Marguerite has maintained a close and loving relationship with me my whole life. I feel like she is a loving and protective energy for me.

When I was 21 my eldest sister told me that when I was a kid I use to scare her because I would say things that there was no way that I could possibly know the information. She said when she questioned how did I know that I would reply grandma told me. She said that this happened all the time. I do not have any recollections to these memories.

I often wonder if these experiences don’t stand out because for me it was normal to talk with my grandma. 

I know that when I was very little I was very much afraid of the energy and spirits in my house. It is my belief that our house was built on a former ancient Native American burial ground. I remember sitting on our kitchen table at dusk and watching the Indian Village burning their fire, people walking around taking care of chores, children running around and seeing the Teepees. It was fascinating watching them go about their lives. I never told anyone about this until recently. I truly thought it was a figment of my imagination, even though I didn’t have much of an imagination. I didn’t enjoy playing with dolls or make-believe games. I couldn’t imagine pretend games. I believe now that was a gift to show me these things really did happen.

Most of my life I tried to fit in and be normal. I was not successful at fitting in and flying under the radar. As much as I wanted to suppress my gifts I was not very successful nor truly happy. 

I always enjoyed my intuitive psychic abilities because they kept me safe as long as I listened to the information. I always had guides that talked to me but it took a long time for me to truly acknowledge that it wasn’t my brain. 

When I was in middle school I still remember walking down the hall and asking how will I know who my husband will be. I immediately heard he will be left-handed. This information turned out to be true, I did marry a left-handed man.

I have always been blessed with this dialogue but it took many years to realize that it was my guides speaking to me and not my brain. One day as I was leaving for work on a beautiful sunny day, I heard take your umbrella. Again I thought it was my brain so I said it’s beautiful out, I am not taking the umbrella. That’s crazy one more thing to carry. Again I heard take the umbrella. I refused. Sure enough, when I left work it was in the middle of a downpour! That is when I learned to pay attention and give credence to what I was hearing.

I finally learned to listen to them when one day I heard a message “You should….” and I thought to myself when you talk to yourself you say I should, not you should. That is when I truly realized that all this time I was hearing my guides and not my brain. Not to mention they are always right and give me great advice and guidance.

I teach my clients this skill of noticing the verbiage that they hear in their heads. It has proven to be very helpful for them. 

I did learn to shut down my Mediumship abilities to a great degree because of earthbound spirits harassing me. I didn’t know how to protect myself in the past. I have since learned to create boundaries with the spirit world.  If they show up at inappropriate hours I firmly tell them banking hours, please.  This actually works.

Once my parents died I realized that my Mediumship skills were a gift and not a curse. It was not easy for me to open them up again. I had to truly focus and work on reacquiring something that had come to me so freely to me and I had taken for granted. So I kept repeating I want to open this door again to the spirit world. One night when I was alone in my home I had this dream where there was just a door frame in the clouds with nothing else around. Behind the door frame was a HUGE line of deceased spirits waiting for me to allow them to come through and help them connect with their loved ones. I immediately freaked out by the sheer number of them and realizing they were all dead people. I started saying shut the door, shut the door, I’ve changed my mind! What happened next was quite profound. I saw my favorite grandmother Marguerite standing in the doorway waiting for me to acknowledge her. I suddenly realized that I could not slam the door in her face and I knew I had a service to help these spirits and their loved ones that were waiting and hoping to hear from them.

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