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7 Signs That Your Deceased Loved Ones Are Trying To Get Your Attention

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

You miss your passed-on loved ones terribly don't you? You hope they are continuing somewhere wonderful in the afterlife. You are almost certain of it but you sure would love a sign from them that they are alive and well on the other side. Also, what a comfort it would be to know that not only are they living on but that they are watching over you.

Other than booking a session with a Psychic Medium, how can you know they are attempting to communicate with you or at least make you aware of your presence?

Here are 7 Common Signs that the Dead Send to the Living...

1. You May Be Visited In A Dream

Often the first step that your deceased loved ones will take is to contact you in your dreams. Most people sense that this is a real visit but many times they will talk themselves out of their natural belief, wanting more substantial evidence that their loved ones are around them. I believe that the reason this is the usual first contact is for a couple of reasons. It is easier for them to connect with you in this way, for the most part even for the spirit that just crossed over can accomplish this feat. If they do need a little help, a deceased loved one of theirs shows them how to do it. Another reason why they will visit in your dreams is that it is easier for the living to accept and be comfortable with the experience.

2. You May Feel Their Presence

When you are drifting off, daydreaming like in the zone you realize that you have the sense that the loved one is with you. This can more easily be noticed when you are doing mundane things like washing the dishes, laundry or even washing the car. You get in that peaceful zone and all of a sudden you get the sense that they are standing beside you, or sitting next to you on the sofa. It is so real that you feel like you can turn and see them. A big clue to this experience is you will recognize how you felt in their presence.

3. Electrical Anomalies

A common one is having lights turn on or off or flicker. They are energy, this is something that they can easily manipulate I've noticed from experience. Or how about the radio will have a specific song that reminds you of them and whenever you're thinking of them it starts to play, or you can hear it playing in your head. Some even have where they are listening to the radio or watching tv and they start having trouble with static. Their energy is interfering with the frequency to get your attention. I do notice that some spirits work extremely hard to get your attention. A family member's phone rang and it said dad is calling. Clients have told me stories of receiving text messages like "Call Mom". Or you open an app on your phone to find that person's name at the very top of the list.

4. You May Get A Familiar Smell Of Them For A Moment

For some, it may be that they all of a sudden will smell their loved ones perfume, cologne or cigar. It could simply be when you notice a particle fragrance it transports you to an immediate connection with that loved one. The sense of smell is a strong trigger in a lot of people. When this happens it can be extremely emotional but also often a huge sense of encouragement that our loved ones are still close to us, especially in our times of need. If grandma loved to bake apple pies or cookies around the holidays and all of a sudden you start to smell that aroma when there is no logical explanation for it. That is their way of reaching out by using some sort of special signature of theirs.

5. Objects Repeatedly Put In Your Path

A fun and uplifting sign is having objects or signs repeatedly appear in your life. Walking and you notice you keep finding dimes, I believe that this has to do with old fashion phone booths. It's a strong sign that they are trying to reach you. Feathers are another favorite from the spirit world. Even to the point of them appearing in your home and you think there is no way for that feather to get in here! Next time you lose or misplace something ask your loved ones to help you find it, many times you will find it within minutes. Helpful and it gives you a sign that they are still around you.

6. Animals and Wildlife That You Would Not Commonly See

Noticing animals after you lose a loved one is another common sign that they are trying to comfort you with the knowledge that they still exist. Many people notice the sign of seeing a bright red cardinal, often thought to be a hello from heaven. Butterflies, dragonflies and darning needles are some other signs. Again it is the feeling you get when you notice them. whether of comfort, joy but it's okay if it's sadness. Even if you are a skeptic, not unusual for the thought will pop into your head wondering if that is your loved one.

7. Synchronicities

You will often notice synchronicities such as a line from a movie that your father would say to you and after their crossing a stranger says it right in front of you. It could be a line or a passage in a book that jumps out at you as if the person is talking right to you! It could be that you keep coming across information from various sources like a magazine, tv commercial, random conversation all on a particular topic. I recently heard that a person crossed over on a date. When his granddaughter went over there was a book opened to a meaningful passage and the receipt in the book was from 30 years ago, but had the month and day of his recent passing.

Death is not an Ending but a Transition to a New Beginning

Something important to realize is that our loved ones do want to comfort and reassure us that they are doing great. As one spirit put it, better than ever. Death is not an ending but a transition to a new beginning. They are often filled with the joy of being released from the physical body, especially if they were suffering. They are consistent with communicating their unending love and support for their family and friends. It is important to not expect them to show evidence on command. If we are in that place, it is one of control, which control is a behavior of restriction. Often people do get signs but they keep asking for repeated evidence instead of being in a state of gratitude. It is so much more powerful and successful to surrender and allow the experiences to appear. This is a healthier way to deal with grief and start the healing recovery process.

There are times that we are so blocked with grief, pain, loneliness, anger, longing and suffering that we can not feel them or notice the hard work that they are doing to try to get through to us. Those are the times we may benefit from the comfort of working with a psychic medium.

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