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The Best
90 Minutes
You'll Ever Spend

This is a Multi-Dimensional Reading

Invest in yourself today and your future self will thank you! 90 minutes is around the same length of time as a movie. I will use many of my spiritual gifts instead of one of them.

During the 90 Minutes, you will get...

Image by Leonardo Iheme

Chakra Balancing/Clearing

30 mins. I will check your Chakras, diagnose any blockages and clear you. Psychic information will come through even at this stage.

Tarot Reading

Psychic Reading & Coaching

30 mins. Oracle Card reading and communicating with my spirit guides and angels.

Heavenly Sky

Mediumship Reading

30 mins. I will communicate with your deceased loved ones and be a vessel to deliver what they would like to communicate with you.

Why do it all in one go?

Each time you book a Reading, your life is different. When you come to me, each 30 minute segment of your 90 minutes will be validating, confirming and adding layers to your information.

Extra Bonuses:

  • Pre-Session Preparation Guide

  • A Deep Relaxation Guided Meditation Audio File - written and read by me

  • 3 x Sounds of Nature Audio Files

  • Post Session Tools

Book Me

Psychic Reading (90 Min)

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

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